The Goal

Combining both my interests and goals, my soul thrives at the opportunity of creativity. Between traveling, taste bud exploring, attending media and music entertainment events, visiting places of the arts, and an overall cultural enthusiast, these are the things I enjoy and would want my career to embody.

Fascinated by the interaction of people and communities, my work aims toward my philosophy of the 3 I’s: inspire, influence, and inform. Analytical by nature, I’m ultimately seeking to encourage the school of thought.

In addition to writing, I enjoy putting together events, creating/sharing experiences, and understanding the people around me. Individually traveling on our own journeys, I believe we collectively serve the same purpose and together we aim towards one goal.

As an aspiring writer and cultural enthusiast, ingenuity is welcomed and encouraged. A strong advocate for collaborations, I am always open to ideas in breaking new ground or reaching for greater horizons. If you’re interested in building together, please contact Janine V Yoro.